Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hair replacement system?

Hair replacement system is a non-surgical hair restoration that is a non-invasive solution to hair loss. It’s a no risk alternative to invasive surgery with no down time and has instantaneous results. A great perk to hair restoration, it looks and feels exactly like your  own hair making the possibilities of styles endless.

How long does the hair last?

Each hair system has an average lifespan before a complete replacement is required. It
depends on how well you care and look after your hair system but typically 4-6 months, some clients have made them last longer.

All hair hair systems will lose hair over time just like natural hair sheds. The hair is ventilated into a skin base system in order to make it look natural, so hair does shed over a period of time.

We do of course provide full details of how to care for your hair system including washing, conditioning, and the best styling products. Your care plan is included in your consultation free of charge.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, absolutely. Our hair systems are like having natural hair grown from your roots. You will be able to shower and wash your hair like normal. There are a few ways we will show you how to wash and condition for longevity.

If you are an avid swimmer that is fine too. We will add that to your care plan as you will require more regular maintenance to preserve the life of your hair system.

How should I care for it?

Taking care of your hair system is simple. Regular washing with lukewarm water is important whenever you notice the hair is dirty. It is necessary to use conditioner to restore moisture and elasticity to your hair. Air drying is recommended, however if you are in a hurry a warm hair dryer can be used at a distance from the hair system.

Wash your hair system 1-2 times per week, more if you are active in sports. There isn’t a need to wash the system daily.

We will advise you to return on average 4-6 weeks to remove the hair systems to clean and replace the adhesive bond. If you live an active lifestyle a maintenance session is more frequently recommended.

Can I go to the gym, beach etc straight after my hair replacement system is fitted?

No. In order for the system to fully cure, it is best to wait 24-48 hours before sweating profusely. It is also advised not to shower the first 24 hours after your system is fitted.

Will anyone be able to tell I wear a hair system?

No one will be able to tell you have a hair system. It is a part of you. It is undetectable, even close up. Our systems are made with a lace or skin poly base. Both replicate the scalp will look as if it is growing from your own scalp.

Can I use gel and other styling products?

Yes you can products, which are recommended. This includes hair sprays, gels and mousse. However try not to use products that cause build up or have high alcohol content.

Are there any side effects with wearing a hair system?

Other than looking and feeling confident, no there are not! There are no proven negative side effects known. The micro-mesh is full of tiny holes so that skin can breathe and the hair system is 100% natural.

Can I change the color of my hair system?

Our hair systems are made of 100% natural human hair which allows it to be colored or
highlighted. During your consultation please let us know of any color changes you are hoping to have made and we can begin to create your outcome!

What if my hair is already grey, is it possible to color my hair then?

We are able to get a hair system with the similar percentage of grey that you currently have to create the most natural look for you.

What kind of hairstyles are possible with my hair system?

All mens styles are possible! It is advised to have a good idea of the style you would like and have some pictures ready too.


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